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  Properties offers student housing in Bloomsburg to accommodate most any need. Apartments, all within close walking distance to Bloomsburg University, is our specialty. We have off campus student apartments and housing for one to three persons, three to five persons, and four to nine persons. Take a look at our properties, then allow us to get you set up in the place that is best for you.
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1-3 Occupants
351-1 Fetterman Ave.
351-2 Fetterman Ave.
214-R Glenn Ave.
362-B Penn Argyl Ave.
353 Penn Argyl Ave.
775 Maple St.

3-5 Occupants
45 E. 6th St.
47 E. 6th St.
49 E. 6th St.
343 Fetterman Ave.
345 Fetterman Ave.
349 Fetterman Ave.
353-1 Fetterman Ave.
353-2 Fetterman Ave.
351 Penn Argyl Ave.
516 3rd St.
518 3rd St.

4-9 Occupants
214 Glenn Ave.
333 Lightstreet Rd.
335 Lightstreet Rd.
355 Fetterman Ave.
355 Penn Argyl Ave.
358 Penn Argyl Ave.
360 Penn Argyl Ave.

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